Analysis of Asbestos

Asbestos is known for it has camee from the scientific literature from Greek by its origin. As a result of the analysis in the field of use, in the sense of the word meaning which cannot be suppressed, it causes fatal diseases such as lung cancer which cannot be cured in cases where cleaning and dismantling is not performed. Throughout history, asbestos consulting has been used in gas lamps and lamp wicks and has been used in many fields with its resistance and resistance to high temperatures. The fibers of the asbestos product, which consists of molecules with fibrous structures, accumulate in the lungs as a result of inhalation and bring people face to face with fatal consequences

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Usage Of Asbestos

İf you try to evaluate in history it has emeerged with their use in armor since ancient civilizations. It is a molecular structure that is frequently encountered in life including pipelines, steam engines, and turbines as is the case with every machine part in every phase that exists in the industrial process. With in tihs context the most important part for us is that asbestos molecules do not take place in the lungs with our respiration at the level exceeding the risk dimension in the air we breathe. For this reason asbestos, which is more risky in the materials of old houses, especially in industrial areas, should be analyzed and solutions should be made within the relevant limits. There are many factors that need to be done in terms of working conditions and occupational safety health. These conditions should be taken care of not because of the superior blind control mechanism, but also because it seriously affects human health and life. 

this is carried out by labboratories approved and authorized by the ministries. In the analysis reporting performed as a result of the evaluation of the samples taken the dismantling procedures should be completed in a coordinated manner by qualified and trained persons who are well equipped in the field within the scope of carrying risk factors. It is a very serious job site that does not accept human health in terms of dismantling by performing the operations in coordination with the results of the work environment, analysis conclusions and sampling, in accordance with the exposure results when necessary. For this reasonas it will be observed in the overseas trainings, the qualification documents and competencies of the personnel who will operate on behalf of the related dismantling and sampling,It is and should be subject to a serious training and certification process, including institutions and companies operating in this field.

Asbestos Analysis in Air

The worst thing is that air pollution that we breathe. Although we have lost the quality of the air we breathe with the environments we live in due to their waste in proportion to the industrial industry and other industrial assets in today's world, there are measures that we should take as a precaution in order not to reach a fatal level.

Asbestos particules were found in almost every factory, especially in industry, upon detailed investigations to determine the excessive use of the old buildings. Asbestos analysis is carried out in the air in order to determine the environmental damage caused by these asbestos dust emissions.