Asbestos Dismantling

In terms of asbestos content, due to the destruction of fiber fibers, such as lung cancer by inhalation due to fatal and incurable. İts beacuse it is prohibited in many europian country

According to the realized risk analysis, certified dismantling specialists are re-trained and informed about the risk dimension. After these procedures, asbestos dismantling process is started by not taking anyone to the risk zone except for the expert staff and trained employees.

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Asbestos Removal Process

If the area to be dismantled is in pipes; tyvek jumpsuit and ffp3 full face mask with the work started, asbestos-coated pipes are soaked with soapy water placed in a double-layer nylon as a whole is protected. Asbestos-containing nylons, which are identified by affixing plates, are kept, while the fiber count spreading to the environment is measured and taken into the records. During the dismantling of employees, working hours per day cannot exceed 2-3 hours. Asbestos removal expert is under control and with the direction of dismantling process is terminated.

Asbestos Workplaces

With the necessary overalls and full face mask equipment, the work starts with the installation of scaffolding in areas where a small amount of fiber distribution occurs. The sheets in existing asbestos areas are cut and removed so as not to affect the distribution of asbestos and wrapped with protection waste nylon. The necessary low fiber media is recorded with the final measurements and dismantling is completed and reported.

With the necessarydismantling processes, fiber measurements spread to the environment by authorized laboratories are carried out and reported. Quarantine operations are performed with vacuum devices in order to protect the ambient air required in order not to exceed the time weighted average limit value of 0.1 fiber // cm3.