Independent Asbestos Supervision

It is a legal reality that you are obliged to ensure the safety of both your workplace and your employees. For this reason, you can perform objective and independent asbestos audits by taking the assistance of A class occupational safety experts in order to mediate the laboratory results within the authority of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and to share the responsibilities for the applications and analysis of the results.

bagimsiz asbest denetlemesi

Asbestos and Its Importance

The danger of asbestos material in general in industry and isolation area, where it continues to exist in general and where it is used most, is increasing day by day. However as a result of false reports and analyzes by opportunistic firms and laboratory so-called experts they try to provide rent through employers with false reports in asbestos analysis and dismantling processes, which cause high amounts of financial burden. 

Objective Analysis

Autthorized and also asbestos auditors conducting independent asbestos audits in line with objective analysis and reports should be examined carefully and competency documents should be done by analyzing the work. Otherwise, aside from the high costs and wastage of general expenses spent, there is also a greater problem of human health being ignored. As a result of detectable asbestos reporting, the workplace needs analysis reports within the scope of regular samples within the scope of regular audits and they are able to put human life on the issue with no opportunistic identities report. In this context, in relation to the regulations and sanctions, it is possible for the employees who are likely to be workplace to be equally conscious,if necessary they may also submit complaints and applications to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for the necessary controls by informing them of the possibility of being asbestos.