Asbestos Inventory Report

Asbestos, which is a highly carcinogenic substance called asbestos by inhalation, is a molecular structure that is resistant to many microorganisms in addition to its use in all fields due to its mineral fiber structure and its resistance to high temperature. Therefore, asbestos-induced diseases cause fatal diseases that are not yet treatable due to resistance in the lung.

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Diseases Caused by Asbestos

Mesothelioma Disease; is the most dangerous disease that exists and is caused by asbestos. Mesothelioma, which means lung cancer and abdominal cancer, causes respiratory failure with self-improving dyspnea and pain. A clear diagnosis is made by biopsy of the part of the lung membrane. It is a disease that results in death in a very short time if the chance of early diagnosis is lost. 

AsbestoZ; As the name suggests, it is a disease that develops directly related to asbestos dust. For asbestos settling in the lung through respiration, the acids formed by the defense mechanism to cause the body to resist and to break down the asbestos dust cause wounds in the lungs. Because this process corresponds to a period of 10-20 years, there is little chance of early detection. When the lungs become incapacitated, it causes death.